15 Ways to Improve Your Circulation

12-meditation-972472_640Photo by Pixabay

12. Take a Breather

Focus on your breathing technique. When you practice deep breathing, it benefits your body in many ways. Your heart rate will slow down. As your heart stops working so hard, your blood pressure will ease up as well. Your oxygen levels will go up in your circulatory system. Everything will flow more efficiently. You’ll also find that you are more relaxed. You can focus on your breathing every day by doing breathing exercises. Lie down on the bed or the floor. Put something that will apply some pressure, such as a book, on your stomach. Try breathing through your nose. Focus on the book and make sure it goes up when you breathe in. It should go down as you breathe out. Do this regularly and work on slowing your breathing to take fewer breaths each minute. It’s best to breathe through your nose to filter out toxins and be more efficient. If you are feeling stressed at any time, take some time for yourself to regulate your breathing.

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