15 Ways to Improve Your Circulation

13-woman-506120_640Photo by Pixabay

13. Relax

Stress is terrible for your health and that includes your circulation. When you’re stressed or filled with anxiety, your heart kicks into overdrive. Your blood pressure goes up and your circulatory system works too hard. Live this way for too long and you’re going to see damage. You’ll open the door to heart disease and strokes. Pay attention to your stress levels and make a conscious effort to relax. There are going to be pressures in life, but you don’t have to be controlled by them. Find the secret to relaxation and tap into it. It might be a good book to escape from the world for a little while. Perhaps you have a hobby that makes you unwind. Pick up the phone and talk with your best friend or a loved one. Laugh. Put on your favorite music and dance. Drink that wine.

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