15 Ways to Improve Your Circulation

Your circulation is the vital source of fuel to your entire body. Your heart and blood vessels are hard at work every minute of your life, bringing your cells the oxygen and nutrients you need to survive. You want to do everything possible to ensure that your circulatory system is working at optimal levels. Take care of your heart, your arteries, and your veins to have fuller, more productive years ahead of you. When your circulatory system is in good shape, the rest will follow. Embrace 15 ways to improve your circulation and place yourself firmly on the path to wellness.

1-woman-918616_640Photo by Pixabay

1. Don’t Smoke. Quit if You Already Do

Smoking is one of the worst things you could ever start when you consider its negative effects on your circulatory system. You may already understand how dangerous smoking is when it comes to the health of your lungs. It can also wreak havoc on your circulation. There are toxins in cigarette smoke that are damaging to your body, including carbon monoxide. With every puff, carbon monoxide is taken into the circulatory system and makes it difficult for your blood to carry oxygen where it needs to go. Free radicals are also contained in cigarette smoke and can raise the cholesterol levels in your blood. When you have too much cholesterol, it can block your arteries and lead to a stroke or heart attack. As your rate of circulation slows down, you can expect blood clots and high blood pressure. Do yourself a favor and forget about smoking. If you’re hooked, you’ll find a host of free resources that are available online or through your doctor’s office. You can quit and you need to do it now.

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