15 Tips To Help You Sleep Better, Naturally

pizza-1047391_640Photo by Pixabay

9. Eat Smart Before Bed Time

The eating habits you stick to during the day can affect how you sleep at night.

• Caffeine can continue to cause sleep problems for as many as twelve hours after consuming it. After your morning cup of coffee, switch to caffeine-free drinks.

• Set your dinnertime for early in the evening. Don’t eat rich or heavy foods for dinner, especially if you’re eating within two hours of your bed time. The fattier the food, the more work your stomach will have to do to digest it, which can keep you up late.

• Stay away from acidic and spicy foods for dinner, which can cause heartburn and other stomach troubles that make it difficult to sleep soundly.

• You may think that a nightcap relaxes you and gets you ready for bed, but it will actually mess up your sleep cycle even as you sleep.

• Don’t drink a lot of liquids at night, because they’ll cause extra bathroom trips during the night.

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