15 Tips for Natural Weight Loss

cereal-898073_640Photo by Pixabay

5. Make Small Changes to Your Eating Habits Over Time

Here’s the hard truth: if you dive into a huge diet change all at once, chances are, within a few weeks or months, you’ll be right back to your old patterns. Often, you’ll find yourself breaking your diet within a matter of days simply because it’s “too hard” or “you deserve a treat.” Instead, make small changes to your eating habits over time. Exercise portion control. Try coconut oil instead of vegetable oil in some of your favorite recipes. Swap to almond milk, which is lower in fat and calories than regular milk–or just try using skim milk. Eat whole grain bread and pasta, and use more whole wheat flour in your baked goods. Over time, you’ll discover that all of these little changes add up–but making them one at a time, as your taste buds adjust, will make it easier to stick with your dietary changes.

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