15 Tips for Natural Weight Loss

November 2 2007 day 22 - Who's your sugar daddy?Photo by DeathByBokeh

2. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

You think you’re doing something good for your body when you choose an artificially sweetened alternative to your usual full-sugar choice. After all, it’s lower in calories, right? Actually, that artificial sweetener can create more problems than just extra inches on your waistline–and it can add those, too. When you use artificial sweeteners, your body doesn’t know how to process them properly. Unlike real sugar, artificial sweeteners can cause migraines, create a fuzzy feeling in your head that makes it difficult to keep focusing on your task through the day, and even prevent you from properly regulating your caloric intake. When you choose snacks made with artificial sweeteners, they can cause you to eat more. Part of it is a mental game: you’ll convince yourself that you’re choosing a “healthy” snack, so you’ll go ahead and eat an extra portion or two because, after all, you’re “being good.” Part of it, however, isn’t even a conscious choice: your body fails to properly regulate caloric consumption because of the artificial substances.

Instead of artificial sweeteners, go ahead and indulge in the full-fat, full-sugar treat occasionally. It’s a more natural substance for your body, and ultimately, you’ll probably feel more satisfied as a result.

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