15 Tips for Natural Weight Loss

salad-709744_640Photo by Pixabay

10. Think About What You Can Have, Not What You Can’t

When you start a new weight loss program, it’s very tempting to start with all of the things that you aren’t going to do anymore. You aren’t going to eat so many sweets. You’re going to cut down on your carb intake. You’re going to skip the thick sauces and dressings that you love so much. When you think about what you can’t have, you’ll find yourself hyper-focused on that deprivation. Instead, think about what you can have. Plan delicious meals and snacks that actually look forward to eating. If you love salads, that’s great! Eat more of them. On the other hand, if you think that salad is rabbit food and you’d rather eat dirt, look for healthy meal ideas that look and sound appealing every time you eat them. Good dietary changes aren’t about deprivation, they’re about finding a new way to eat and enjoying the food that you’re consuming. Which sounds better: dry lettuce, or a salmon fillet perfectly grilled and seasoned with lemon pepper? Either one is a great diet food, but the salmon will leave you feeling happier and more satisfied.

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