15 Tips for Natural Weight Loss

yogurt-387454_640Photo by Pixabay

11. Eat a Rainbow

There are a lot of different types of vegetables and fruits out there, many of them with fantastic properties for anyone who’s hoping to lose weight. Instead of focusing on the caloric content of all of these fruits and vegetables, try focusing on eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables. Ideally, you want to eat the full rainbow, from red to purple, to absorb the full range of nutrients your body needs to function properly. Take the time to to really see the foods you’re eating and enjoy them, from the leafy green salad to the crisp orange carrot and everything in between. There may be vegetables or fruits that you don’t care for, and that’s all right! There are plenty of others in the same color family that will offer you a great nutritional boost.

Another part of eating the rainbow is learning to avoid processed, colorless foods. While carbs and starches have their place in your diet, filling up on colorful fruits and vegetables is a much better way to get quality nutrition while consuming fewer calories. The more you focus on eating those healthy fruits and vegetables, the easier it will be to lose weight!

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