Natural Remedies for Anxiety


There are some people that are prone to excessive feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. These attacks may sometimes be triggered by certain stressful situations. People who feel anxious all the time should try to visit a professional who may be able to discern the root cause of anxiety. The feelings may stem from an actual medical condition that induces anxiety or likewise from some form of mental instability. In extreme cases a person may be said to suffer from GAD or generalized anxiety disorder. However for some persons who are not ill or do not suffer from any underlying conditions, feeling anxious can be a perfectly natural phenomenon. A person may become anxious when he or she is consumed with a substantial amount of stress. To deal with anxiety issues it will take a great effort on the part of the individual. There are a few things you may do on your own that should make you feel less anxious. These will include some of the following methods listed below.


  • You may consider certain relaxation techniques like meditation. These types of techniques will help you to settle your thoughts and relax your overworked mind. Find a quite place to start using any of these techniques. If you are using meditation try to sit up and keep good form and posture, inhale deeply and focus on your breathing. Continue doing this until you have achieved a deeper sense of relaxation. Focus your thoughts on all the good things in your life and take a well needed break from worrying about your current problems. Try to do this at least once per day, especially when you feel most anxious.
  • Drink chamomile tea; it has been found to relax most people and may also help you to fall asleep at night.
  • You can also use aromatherapy oils. You can sprinkle some of these essential oils in key areas to infuse the room with a much needed sense of inspiration. A better way to have the scent of the oils dispersed throughout the room is with a diffuser. Simply place a tea light candle in the diffuser and tip a bit of oil and water in the area specified for liquids and allow it to burn. Many of these oils promote much needed relaxation. Alternatively, you can place these oils in your bath water and allow the scents to intrigue you. This is especially beneficial when done after a particularly stressful day.
  • Try to allot more time for sleep by taking natural herbal remedies like Valerian which will help you fall asleep more quickly. When your body is well rested you will feel less anxious.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise is a great way to stay health but also a wonderful way to improve your general attitude and mental state. You will feel less tense when you start doing a regular routine. Jogging, especially if you have access to a nice outdoor area is a highly recommended exercise as it will improve circulation and make you feel better. Yoga is also another great form of exercise that will help you feel less tense. It involves some mediation like postures and focuses on the benefits of proper breathing techniques and stretching.

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