Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a life threatening and chronic medical condition characterized by the formation of malignant cysts in the breast. Physicians describe the condition based on four categories, namely the grade of tumor, pathology, gene expression and protein status as well as the stage of the tumor. The early detection of this disease is important to prolong and improve the patient’s quality of life. In this regard, it is best if patients know the various minor and major symptoms of breast cancer so that they can seek immediate assistance from their physicians. It is also essential that patients consult with physicians about the effective treatments that they can try.

Breast Cancer Signs

One of the early symptoms of breast cancer is a lump that is distinct from other tissues in the breast. Aside from the presence of lumps in the breast, patients at risk of this disease should also watch out for lumps in the armpit. Other signs of the disease include changes in the shape and size of the breast, inversion of the nipple as well as spontaneous nipple discharge. Moreover, patients with this type of cancer also experience swelling and severe pain in any part of the breast.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast self-examination is one of the most popular and effective forms of diagnosing if a patient has breast cancer. Aside from this, another diagnostic procedure that can help physicians identify the etiology of the disease is x-ray mammography. The procedure is very efficient and helpful in examining cysts in the breast. Other effective diagnostic procedure that patients can try is genetic testing. However, genetic testing is only effective to detect early stages of the disease. Finally, some physicians perform magnetic resonance imaging to patients who experience the major symptoms of the disease.

Breast Cancer Treatment

When it comes to treatments, physicians usually recommend lumptectomy and mastectomy. Lumptectomy is the surgical procedure that involves the removal of the lump in the breast. On the other hand, mastectomy is performed by surgeons if the patient has at least two tumors in the various parts of the breast and if the patient has undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Aside from the surgical procedures, patients with severe breast cancer symptoms can undergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal treatment and targeted therapy. Another effective treatment recommended by physicians to their patients who are suffering from severe pain in the breast due to the formation of tumor cells is the antiangiogenic therapy.

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Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

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