Leukemia Symptoms

Although its cause is still being debated, there are symptoms of the disease you can recognize. One may experience some or all of them.

Leukemia Signs

One indication is a feeling of chronic weakness regardless of physical activity. This is coupled with inexplicable weight loss. In some cases the weight loss may be extensive. One may become suddenly prone to viral infections. Susceptibility to bacterial diseases will be apparent.

Other signs are frequent headaches and some skin rash. The skin will also be susceptible to bruising. The bones will hurt sharply, seemingly without any reason. The severe symptoms include gum and nose bleeding. There is blood in the urine and nymph lodes are enlarged. The stomach also feels very heavy.

Leukemia Diagnosis

If you experience one or most of the symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. A blood test will be conducted. These will determine the red and white blood cells in the body. One possible indication of the disease are large numbers of white blood cells.

A bone marrow biopsy will also be conducted. A needle is placed in the marrow either in the chest or hip section. This will be evaluated. Usually, abnormal blood cells will signify the disease’s presence.

A lumbar puncture is a confirmatory test. A needle is placed between the vertebrae at the spine and cerebrospinal fluid is taken out.

Leukemia Treatment

For treatments to work, an early diagnosis will be needed. Hence, there is the need to go to a doctor when the signs appear. The treatment consists of two parts. The first is set the ailment back into the remission.

The second is to kill the cancer cells. Chemotherapy and radiation are the most common ways of treating the disease. Radiation uses X-rays to target the cancer cells.

In chemotherapy, chemicals are utilized to eliminate the cancerous cells. These may be given orally. If that isn’t possible, the
chemicals may be administered intravenously.

Alternative treatments can be used to supplement the prescribed medication. Among them are acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology.

Leukemia Prevention

There are no known preventive measures that can be undertaken. In the meantime, it’s suggested that a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables may be helpful. Regular exercise helps strengthen the body as well.

Apart from medication, meditation and yoga may help relieve stress and discomfort. Do not perform yoga or take any of these alternative medications without notifying your doctor first.

Statistics show that younger patients have a better chance of surviving the disease. Those who take care of their bodies and in good health are also less susceptible to the disease. Reducing stress may also help. Having regular medical checkups is also recommended by doctors.

Increased scientific knowledge may shed light on its causes. Among the possible sources being look at are viruses, genetics and / or exposure to some forms of radiation. There may also be some chemicals that produce this disease.

The prognosis for treating leukemia is said to be promising. Although some aspects of the disease remain unknown, steady progress is being made with regards to uncovering possible causes and cures.