Ovary Pain

Ovary pain is one of the health conditions that are caused by serious illnesses or disorder. The medical condition is characterized by sudden or recurrent as well as mild or severe pain in the ovaries, which are located in the lower part of the abdomen of females. Ovaries are very important to the production of hormones like estrogen so it is important that women seek immediate medical help if they feel any discomfort or stabbing pain in below their belly button or in their pelvis. By seeking assistance from physicians, health professionals can identify the cause of this condition and medical doctors can recommend effective treatments.

Ovary Pain Symptoms

Sudden and dull ache in the pelvis requires patients to ask advice from their gynecologist or obstetrician since it can be a result of life-threatening health condition. Aside from this, patients should also set an appointment with their physicians if they feel a sharp pain for more than a week. Other alarming symptoms associated with this condition include tingling pain during bowel movements as well as intercourse, vomiting, nausea, bloating and irregularity in the menstruation. To get the proper treatment for the pain, it is necessary to undergo diagnostic examinations recommended by medical professionals.

Causes of Ovary Pain

One of the serious and chronic health conditions that can cause ovarian pain is the formation of cysts in the ovaries. According to health experts, cysts can develop during ovulation and women aged 24 to 40 are at risk to this condition. Cysts can be cancerous or benign. If the cysts are cancerous, then the pain that patients feel is severe and recurrent.

Aside from cysts, ovarian pain can also be caused by hemorrhage in the ovaries. Hemorrhage can result from deficiency in vitamin K. Even if this condition is rare, it is best for patients to consult with their gynecologists about the possible treatments that they can take.

Ovary Pain Diagnosis

To diagnose the real cause of ovarian pain, gynecologists and obstetricians usually recommend different medical examinations like pelvic ultrasound. Aside from this, physicians also assess the medical history of patients. Physical examination is also important to know the appropriate treatments.

Ovary Pain Relief

To relieve the pain, patients are advised to take some birth control pills but be sure that the pills were prescribed physicians to avoid experiencing side effects. Other treatments that patients can try are laparoscopy. It is a surgical procedure that surgeons use to remove large and small cysts in the ovaries.

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Ovary Pain

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