Left Ovary Pain

Defined as a health condition that is commonly characterized by severe or mild aching in the lower left part of the navel where the left ovary can be found, left ovary pain is caused by minor disorders or chronic diseases. Knowing the different symptoms is important to help patients avoid experiencing further problems associated with the condition. According to medical professionals, the real cause of the pain can be successfully identified by performing sophisticated and advance diagnostic examinations. To guide patients who experience this condition, discussed below are the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatments that can be used for left ovarian pain.

Left Ovary Pain Symptoms

In order to determine if the problem is caused by minor illnesses or serious conditions, it is important for patients to have ideas about the symptoms that require them to visit their physicians immediately. One of the alarming symptoms is a stabbing and recurrent pain that stretches to the lower leg. Another symptom that can indicate serious problems is the sharp and shooting pain in the left ovaries. Aside from these, patients should also seek help from obstetricians or gynecologists if they experience dull and tingling pain after having sexual intercourse. Above all, it is important to ask for medical advice whenever patients experience severe pain that lasts for more than a week during menstruation.

Causes of Left Ovary Pain

One of the major and most common causes of left ovarian pain is cysts formation in the left ovary. Clinical studies showed that 95 per cent of ovarian cysts are benign, which means that patients have nothing to worry. However, if the pain is not tolerable and recurrent, it can indicate that the cysts are malignant. Aside from cysts formation, there are rare cases in which patients experience left ovarian pain due to hemorrhage in the left ovary. The hemorrhage can be caused by previous surgeries or egg donation.

Left Ovary Pain Diagnosis

The diagnostic methods used by physicians to know the factors that contribute to left ovary pain include pelvic examination and ultrasound. Other methods that can be used to detect cysts or tumors are blood tests, colonoscopy and biopsy.

Left Ovary Pain Relief

Examples of treatments recommended by physicians to patients are oral administration of anti inflammatory drugs and laparoscopy. To relieve the pain, patients can also drink birth control pills. Drinking the pills is helpful, especially to patients with cysts formation because the pills can prevent or delay cysts development that happens during ovulation.

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  1. I have this low pain but it always bothers me they told me it’s because im ovulating but why does one only hurt? I don’t have any discharge or blood. I am HPV positve can it be related?

  2. Does it happen only when you are ovulating?

    HPV is the major cause of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer strikes nearly half a million women each year, claiming a quarter million lives. If you have suffer from ovary pain and you have HPV, I would definitely recommend a cancer screening.

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