Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Although some disappear after a few days, others linger on and cause intense pain. However there are remedies once the symptoms have been diagnosed.

Hemorrhoids Signs

There are two types: the external which is on the anal opening, and the internal which is inside. It’s possible that one has both or only one at a time.

The most conspicuous symptom is blood on the feces. Red spots may also be seen on the toilet bowl. The internal types rarely cause pain. However they may protrude.

When this happens, irritation may take place. The bigger it is, the more painful it becomes. One of the major problems is that it interferes and causes pain when cleaning afterwards.

On rare occasions, a blood clot appears. The skin will turn red and be inflamed. A lump appears and it becomes very painful. It might also bleed.

Hemorrhoids Diagnosis

The first step to diagnosing is analyzing the symptoms. A patient who has never experienced this may feel tense and anxious. The doctor will be able to tell easily what type it is from the symptoms described. There are may be a few tests performed to determine its severity.

These tests are used to assess if there is a need for any operation. If it is not severe, a change in diet will be recommended. Further tests or questioning will determine if medication is needed.

In some cases, the lump will disappear after a few days. Indeed, some of them appear and disappear without the patient even knowing it was there.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Adding more fiber in the diet is necessary. This will soften the bowels. Fiber rich foods include vegetables, cereals and whole grains. There are also vitamin supplements that come with fiber. Drinking eight glasses of water will also help. Limiting alcohol intake also helps.

Lessening the use of soap (or changing to a milder one) might remove the irritation. Using rough toilet paper causes irritation too. There are specially designed pads that one can buy and use.

The pain can be lessened by sitting in a tub of warm water for 15 minutes twice daily. One of the early and most effective ways of easing the pain is using an ice pack. Rubber ligation is used if these home remedies fail to remove the pain.

Hemorrhoids Prevention and Cause

There are several theories as to what causes it. They include lack of exercise, obesity or frequent constipation. Other theories are using too many laxatives or frequent aging. Pregnancy could be a cause or diarrhea.

It’s not clear either how it can be prevented. However, eating fiber rich foods may be important. Because it softens the excrement, there is less pressure on the anus. This may keep any sores or lumps from developing internally or externally. Exercising regularly keeps the body in shape and resistant to ailments.

Most of the time, an internal or external hemorrhoid will dissipate on its own. But consulting with a doctor or using any of the remedies suggested should get rid of the pain much quicker.

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