Appendix Pain

Discomfort in this part of the body is often caused by appendicitis. The following information should help shed light on the subject and remove some misconceptions.

Causes of Appendix Pain

Doctors do not know the exact cause of appendicitis. One theory is food obstruction. As the food goes through the appendix it gets stuck. It might be the cause of severe pain. Fecal obstruction is also being considered.

Worms might also be the culprit. If they get in the body it could penetrate into the appendix. Other possible culprits are excessive mucous and swollen lymph glands.

On rare occasions, a tumor might be growing in the area or it could have started somewhere else. Bacteria in the body might lead to infection. Keep in mind that all these are theories.

Appendix Pain Symptoms

The most common indication is sharp pain in the stomach abdominal area. If left untreated, the chronic pain might lead to rupture. Indications of an appendix about to rupture are high fever and fast heart rate. If a blood test is performed it will show very high white blood count.

The pain usually commences at the upper navel area. In the beginning the pain may move from a dull sensation to severe ache. It will reach the point when the slightest movement causes hurting. The stomach will be firm and hard.

Appendicitis is most frequent in children and young adults. It is very rare among the elderly. Among males the typical age is between 10 and 15. For females it is 15 to 19.

Appendix Pain Diagnosis

The first task is to rule out other illnesses that may be causing the pain. The doctor will touch the stomach to test its firmness. You will be asked if there has been a loss of appetite and vomiting.

Both are known symptoms of appendicitis. You’ll also be evaluated for fever. Most of the time though, a fever combined with the other symptoms indicate the appendix has already ruptured.

As stated, a blood test will be necessary. If the result is still inconclusive, an ultrasound may be performed. Other tests include a CT scan. In the case of pregnant women, laparoscopy will likely be conducted.

Appendix Pain Relief

If you have appendicitis, the best treatment is appendectomy. The surgery can be performed via laparoscopy or the typical appendectomy method. If the appendix has been ruptured, open appendectomy is required. The importance of getting an operation cannot be overstressed. If nothing is done the condition can prove fatal.

Because the cause is unknown, ways of prevention is also a matter of conjecture. However, eating some vegetables along with fish has shown promise. Limiting intake of fatty food is also recommended. If the food obstruction theory proves correct, eating more easily digestible food will be a deterrent.

Statistics show that less than 0.1% of people suffer from complications related to this disease. Even though not much is known about the cause of appendix pain, the symptoms are clear enough. Therefore you should take advantage of this and avoid any more health risks.

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