Cancer Causes and Symptoms

This health condition does not refer to one disease, but a group of ailments that affect various parts of the body. While there are nearly one hundred different types, they share some common minor and major symptoms. These may manifest early or later on.

Cancer Signs

The earliest warning sign is pain in the body that refuses to go away. Next, warts or moles may change color. In some cases, the shape may change too. As the condition worsens, sores will refuse to heal. Sore throat develops and there is persistent coughing.

Some of the more advanced indicators are lumps. These appear in the breast or whatever area is being affected. This is followed by bleeding and indigestion. Weight loss, loss of appetite and vomiting is experienced.

Blood may be present in the urine. Bowel movements may change. Depending on the ailment (prostate, breast etc) other symptoms will manifest.

Cancer Diagnosis

An assessment of the patient’s medical history is performed. The physical examination will follow. The doctor may apply some pressure on the afflicted parts. This is done to assess any change in size or feel. Physical signs include lip sores, lumps and bleeding on the skin.

The tests include sputum examination and some blood tests. The latter is used to check for signs of tumor markers. These consist of proteins ejected by the cancerous cells. X-rays are performed on various parts of the body to check for any unusual masses or tissues.

A biopsy is often used as a confirmation test. A tissue sample from the abnormal mass is taken. This is examined in a laboratory. The results will determine if it is cancerous or not.

Cancer Treatment

If symptoms are diagnosed early and hasn’t spread, it may be removed via surgery. In the operation, the mass is removed from the body. It is also possible to perform preventive surgery. If tests show abnormal tissue growth, this may be removed. This is done to prevent it from producing malignant cells.

Radiation is utilized when surgery isn’t possible. Outside radiation makes use of X-rays to eliminate the cells. Inside radiation involves injecting liquids in the body. Chemotherapy is another popular treatment.

Drugs and chemicals are given to patients. Chemotherapy may be used with radiation or not. It depends on the state of the illness.

Cancer Prevention

The following steps can be taken to fortify the body against these diseases. A diet consisting of fruits and vegetables must be eaten. There is nothing wrong with eating meat, but it must be consumed moderately. Exercise is also needed. Some experts recommend 20
minutes a day or 30 minutes three times a week.

Avoid smoking cigarettes or tobacco. These cause lung deterioration. Alcoholic drinks will cause damage to the liver. Too much exposure to sunlight must be avoided. If the family has a history of the ailment, having regular checkups with the doctor is mandatory.

Cancer remains one of the biggest health risks for millions of people around the world. However, medical checkups and a healthy lifestyle will help the body cope with the illness or even prevent it from occurring.

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