Scar Treatment

Scars are formed as a part of the skin’s healing process. When recovering from cuts, burns or other forms of damage, the skin may undergo changes that lead to scarring. They are far from pleasant and it goes without saying that life will be better off if one does not have to go through concealing them.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat scars. Though there is no procedure that can totally make scars go away, common scar treatments can make the consequences of skin damage less unsightly.

Scar treatments vary and they are applied depending on the nature of the scar and other factors. For those scars that were formed from wounds or prior surgeries, creams and gels bought over the counter from pharmacies are the common forms of scar treatment. For scars that were formed from surgical incisions, it is best that one consults the surgeon to ask if over-the-counter medications are sufficient to treat the scars. Sometimes, the surgeon will prescribe specific medications for particular scars caused by prior surgeries.

For scars that developed from acne, consulting dermatologists is a must. Skin care experts will tell one the specific scar treatment regimen to clear away the aftermath of acne breakouts.

For more severe scars, surgery or laser treatment may be necessary. Surgical options for scar treatment include skin grafting wherein a piece of one’s skin is taken from another part of the body to graft or ‘patch’ into the part with the scar. This kind of treatment is commonly used for patients with scars that were formed from burns. Laser treatment on the other hand, vaporizes parts of the skin affected by the scars. It makes the skin more leveled, thereby lessening the appearance of the scars.

Injections are also an option as far as scar treatments are concerned. Injections are commonly used on keloids, or scars that are elevated relative to the skin. Steroids are used for such injection treatments to flatten keloid scars.

Patients of recent surgeries are generally advised to wait for at least a year before treating their scars. Scars fade over time and it is best if one lets time heal them instead of going straight into medicating the scars.

Scars are the unsightly aftermath of skin damage. Though they heal and fade overtime, there are scar treatments that can help in lessening their unsightliness. This makes knowing the different scar treatments helpful as it will let one choose the appropriate solution for one’s scars.

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