Rotator Cuff Pain

A group of tendons that is highly important in stabilizing the shoulder joint, the rotator cuff allows the shoulder to move in different directions especially when healthy. However, just like all the other parts of the human body, it is subject to injuries and diseases. These factors can contribute a lot in producing sharp pain and dull sensation, which greatly affect the lower, upper, left and right parts of the rotator cuff. It is easy to be in control over this type of severe pain by learning its causes, treatments, diagnosis as well as symptoms.

Rotator Cuff Pain Symptoms

Based on studies, some of the common symptoms of this kind of medical condition are tingling sensations as well as stabbing pain in the shoulder area. Patients can actually feel this type of shooting pain while engaging in physical activity or even while playing in a game. However, the pain intensifies during nighttime. When suffering from this condition, it is very hard for patients to raise and hold their arms up.

For those with chronic tear, the movements of their arms are very much limited. They can also feel some weakness or worsening of pain especially at night, which can affect their sleep cycles. The people who are usually affected by this painful medical condition are those belonging to the 40 years old and above age group. Acute tear can also cause this kind of severe pain. Usual signs include inability to raise the arm up, tenderness as well as limited movement.

Causes of Rotator Cuff Pain

One of the common causes of this type of pain is tendinitis, which can result from repetitive trauma and muscle degeneration. Another major cause of stabbing pain is acute tear resulting from injury. In addition, some individuals have this medical condition because of their involvement in tasks that require excessive overhead activities, such as the case for baseball pitchers and painters.

Rotator Cuff Pain Diagnosis

It is very important to diagnose this condition, mainly for identifying the causes of pain as well as the possible treatments. Some of the highly efficient tests needed to diagnose this type of pain are the Hawkins-Kennedy Test, the Codman’s Test or Drop Arm Test and the so-called Empty Can Test. Meanwhile, it is also good to use the special method called Neer’s Sign or the simpler method referred to as abrasion sign, which is more effective in assessing degenerative changes and inflammation. In most cases, magnetic resonance imaging tests and x-rays can help a lot in diagnosing this kind of problem.

Rotator Cuff Pain Relief

When suffering from this medical problem, it is good to rest the affected area. In the first few days after acquiring such painful condition, physicians recommend the use of ice to remove swelling and inflammation. After some time, it is now time to use hot compress to help patients reduce the pain. Of course, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen are very helpful in reducing pain.

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Rotator Cuff Pain

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