Pain Between Your Shoulder Blades

Pain in this particular body part can be due to any number of ailments. Some can be serious while other causes are quite ordinary.

Causes of Pain between Shoulder Blades

Oftentimes the cause is mundane. Typing for several hours might result in throbbing pain. If you work on the computer nonstop, the pain might become chronic.

A more serious cause is a gallbladder attack. Most of the time discomfort here begins in the abdomen but it can go up to the shoulders. Arthritis is another potential culprit. In this case, the pain will be accompanied by a headache.

The ache may be confined to the left or right side of the head. There is also discomfort in the neck area.

Other possible causes are torn muscles (from strenuous activities) or just fatigue. Rarely it may be a sign of heart attack or liver cancer. Other potential culprits are esophageal cancer, jaundice and various liver diseases. But these serious cases are almost always accompanied by other discomforts.

Pain between Shoulder Blades Symptoms

The pain you’ll feel varies a great deal. If it’s due to physical exhaustion, the pain will be more of a dull ache than anything else. If the pain is due to some other illness, you need to analyze the symptoms. A tingling sensation in the neck could be a sign of arthritis.

Knowing the other indicators is key to recognizing if the aches are symptomatic of something else. Shoulder pain accompanied by a tight chest may be a sign of angina pectoris. Continued pain along with stomach swelling could be indicative of liver cancer.

Pain between Shoulder Blades Diagnosis

Diagnostic tests will depend on the severity of the pain. Any accompanying symptoms will also be accounted for. If the pain comes with sweating and a feeling of nausea, call a doctor. It could be a heart attack. If this happens, further tests will be performed.

Tests will be done to check if the severe pain is due to a torn ligament. These can happen when playing sports. There are diagnostic tools that can detect this easily. These tests will also determine if it’s due to inflammation. If the suspicion is gallbladder attack, the pertinent examination will be performed.

Pain between Shoulder Blades Relief

For pain induced by work, rest is all that’s needed. Resting for a few minutes will remove or lessen the pain. You can also apply some hot / cold compress on it. If the pain persists, you can take some pain relievers to get rid of it.

You might also consider changing your workout routine. It could be too stressful. If there’s an injury, consult your doctor. If there are ruptured tissues, rest and therapy may be needed.

If the pain is caused by a serious illness, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate cure. The other potential causes like esophageal cancer or angina will require special treatment as well.

When you experience pain between the shoulder blades, don’t assume the worst. Quite often you just need to rest. Only if the pain persists should you go to a doctor.

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