Symptoms of Adrenal Gland Malfunction

The adrenal glands are power reserves that supply the needed energy for the body. When the adrenal glands act up, it can mean disaster for the health. Here are some symptoms of adrenal gland malfunction.

Adrenal Glands Act-Up Signs

Here are simple signs to watch out for that could mean symptoms of adrenal malfunction. These manifestations might need checking up with a physician. Constant fatigue is one. If a person often feels so tired, and usually for no reason, it would be good to seek consultation with a doctor. Often, when the adrenalin glands act up, unexplained spells of exhaustion follow.

At times, too, even a good round of sleep won’t make a person suffering from symptoms of adrenalin malfunction refreshed and strong. For instance, sleeping soundly for 8 hours would usually make people refreshed after. However, if the adrenalin glands act up, people suffering from it wakes up still feeling tired. This warrants a serious check up with an adrenalin gland expert. The same with uneven sleeping patterns, often waking up in a middle of a sleep feeling tired.

Other symptoms of adrenalin malfunction are headaches due to food sensitivities, fluctuations in the blood sugar levels, indigestion, too much susceptibility to stress, fondness for sweet or salty food, and activeness in the evening, among others. It’s important to remember that the moment the adrenalin glands act up, early diagnosis and treatment is vital.

Adrenalin Glands Act-Up Diagnosis

Adrenalin experts often use a saliva test using cortisol. When the adrenalin glands act up and confirmed in tests, it is often diagnosed as adrenal exhaustion or adrenal fatigue. It is often due to mental, physical, or emotional stimulation. When a person is often exposed to mentally, physically, or emotionally overwhelming situations and is overcome, the symptoms of adrenalin malfunction may trigger. This is especially so when the immune system cannot handle the adverse effects on health due to the bulk of distress. The immune system often suffers due to the food sensitivities that accompany an adrenalin glands act-up.

Adrenalin Glands Act-Up Treatment

The first treatment for minor adrenalin problems is often rest and avoiding stressful situations. The diet is also checked and remedied. Caffeine and other adrenalin stimulating food or beverages are reduced, if not eliminated. Blood sugar levels are controlled, first through dietary means. The adrenalin glands tire out with too much blood sugar level regulating.

However, for major adrenalin problems, the doctor may recommend hydrocortisone for quick relief. But this should be administered with a doctor’s prescription and instruction. There are also herbal remedies for adrenalin ailments.

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