Cellulite Treatment

There are many types of cellulite treatment you can try. Although the condition is not serious, it is best if you consult a skin specialist first before trying any of these medications or medical procedures.

Radiofrequency Systems and Laser

Two systems can be used. One fuses infrared light, radiofrequency and negative tissue massage to eliminate cellulite. The other system uses diode laser energy and tissue massage. Sessions are usually twice weekly. The results are good up to six months.

Losing Weight

Getting rid of excess pounds and fat strengthens the thighs, buttocks and legs, where this condition often manifests. Weight loss can lessen the dimple on the skin.


During liposuction, the surgeon places a narrow tube under the skin to remove the fat cells. Although liposuction can remove fat, its efficiency when it comes to cellulite removal is still being debated.


A solution is injected under the skin. The solution varies, but they may consist of herbal extracts, aminophylline, enzymes, minerals hormones and vitamins. However, the solution does not work for everyone; some people may get infections, roughened skin or develop rashes.

Intense Massage

Some treatments suggest that intense massage will boost blood flow. This will eliminate toxins and get rid of the excess fluids in the skin. A popular technique is Endermologie. Here, a hand held massaging device is used for skin kneading.

Cellulite Creams

These cellulite treatments contain different ingredients like minerals, herbal extracts, vitamins and antioxidants. Other products may contain various assorted ingredients.

Symptoms and Signs

Cellulite resembles bumpy or dimpled skin around the thighs, buttocks and the hips. These can also appear below the breasts, upper arms and the lower abdomen too. The texture resembles orange peel. The severity will vary on a case to case basis.

The milder cases become visible only when the skin is pinched. The dimpling manifests on the pinched part. In the more serious cases, there are peaks and valleys on the skin.

The condition is not serious nor life threatening. There are no health complications that will arise from it. However, the condition can be unsightly. If it is bothering you, see your dermatologist.

They can inform you of the available treatment.

Again, remember that a lot of the products advertised do not perform as well as claimed. You need to be realistic about your expectations.

Cause and Prevention

This skin condition is brought about by the fibrous connective cords linking the skin to the muscles below it. The cords join the skin to the deeper structures, with the fat in the middle.

As the cells pile up, they push up on the skin. The cords are pulled down. This action leads to the uneven skin and produces the dimpled appearance.

There is no way to prevent this skin condition. However, regular exercise can help maintain your skin’s appearance. But this does not guarantee the skin condition will not develop.

Current cellulite treatment cannot yet cure this skin condition. But research is still ongoing and newer treatments could be developed soon.

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