Arthritis Pain

People who experience arthritis suffer from severe pain because of the stiffness of their joints. This medical condition causes patients discomfort due to the chronic, tingling and shooting pain that it brings. It usually affects the right, left, lower and upper portions of the joints, which can eventually slow down and hamper the mobility of people. To fight off the bad effects that this stabbing pain brings to the human body, it is good to learn the different treatments, symptoms, causes and diagnosis of this painful condition.

Arthritis Pain Symptoms

Arthritis pain is associated with numerous signs and symptoms. Sufferers usually experience tenderness in the affected joints, redness and swelling. Likewise, they can also have the swelling of glands and fever. Having this kind of sharp pain is somehow associated to more serious medical conditions, some of which are related to the kidneys, heart or lungs. More so, this illness has other signs including modification in the physical joints as well as joint ache.

Causes of Arthritis Pain

Several factors contributed to the occurrence of this dull pain condition. The first one is fatigue, which actually aggravates the pain that the body feels. The second is damaged joint tissues, which are results of pressure, injury or stress on the joints. The third cause is depression, which contributes to the pain even more because patients seem to stop doing things that they usually enjoy. Aside from depression, other emotional factors like anxiety may aggravate the pain that they are currently experiencing.

Muscle strain can also lead to this type of pain. According to studies, this particular factor cause more pain, aggravate the stiffness of joints and reduce the mobility of patients. Add to that, inflammation of the ligaments and tendons is indeed a very painful experience.

Arthritis Pain Diagnosis

Diagnosis is highly important in the treatment and management of pain because it helps detect the real cause of the problem. The very first part of this process is the initial meeting between the doctor and the patient. After that, the medical history and records of the patient will be analyzed. A physical exam will then follow, wherein the doctor will check the deformity and inflammation of the affected joints. Other parts of the diagnostic process include x-rays, blood analysis and a series of other important tests.

Arthritis Pain Relief

The purpose of treatment is to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. At the same time, it aims to slow down the development of the disease. More importantly, patients need treatment in order to preserve their range-of-motion and mobility, as well as maintain the ability of their joints to perform various kinds of functions normally. Some of the proven safe and tested medications for this medical condition are disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs, corticosteroids and pain medications. The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is highly recommended as well.

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Arthritis Pain

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