15 Ways to Improve Your Memory

female-865110_640Photo by Pixabay

15. Apply the four-step GULP process

The four-step approach to creating memories starts with getting it. In the initial stage, you must pay attention to the information to process and absorb it. The second step calls for using the information, which may mean reviewing the material, studying it repeatedly and recreating the learning experience. The third step calls for linking the information to something you already know or making associations through mind mapping and associating with relevant triggers. Finally, the fourth step recommends creating pictures or visual images that would engage all the senses if possible.

To improve your memory, it is important to decide which strategies to pursue. Commit to using the memory-boosting techniques until they becomes second nature to you. If you are present and engaged during the initial learning process, you are more likely to create the neural pathways that serve as linkages to the data, making retrieval more efficient and effective.