Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Serious problems could arise if there is not enough vitamin D in the body. Fortunately, this can be cured with the proper diet.

Vitamin D Deficiency Signs

The most conspicuous symptom is weakness in the bones. This can be felt in the arms, legs and spine. There is also tenderness in the muscles or pelvic area. Some people go through dental deformities. Holes will appear in the teeth and enamel problems will appear.
Teeth cavities become extensive.

This affects the buildup of teeth. Another major symptom is reduced muscle tone. This can happen even when one tries to work out regularly. Over the longer term it affects the growth of children.

There is increased susceptibility to muscle tear. In severe cases the pelvis and spine get deformed. Muscle cramping becomes very common.

Vitamin D Deficiency Diagnosis

A complete physical examination will be required. The doctor will check for signs of tenderness in the muscles. If rickets is suspected, blood exams will be necessary. X-rays are also done to assess the bone structure.

On rare occasions, a bone biopsy will be performed. This particular test is only done if the doctor deems it necessary.

Other possible tests are serum alkaline phosphatase and serum phosporus. Examinations of calcium, isoenzyme and PTH levels are done. The urine calcium is also examined. Not all of these tests are conducted. The doctor will determine how many exams need to be processed.

Note: inability to absorb vitamin D is sometimes caused by kidney diseases. In this case, the patient is advised to seek immediate medical attention. Kidney disease could lead to complications so constant monitoring is needed.

Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

Rickets is often the result of this vitamin deficiency. The best treatment is to go on a diet of fish, milk and processed liver. The doctor will also prescribe vitamins or other supplements.

Exposure to sunlight or UV (ultraviolet) lamp is also necessary.
Braces may be necessary if skeletal deformities have set in. Medication could be given if there is pain felt. Most of the time however, improvement appears within a week of treatment.

Without treatment complications could appear. Some of the most severe conditions include brittleness of the bones. Osteomalacia is a disease that leads to multiple bone fractures.

Vitamin D Deficiency Prevention

Prevention is possible by eating the right foods. Among them are processed cereals and milk. Getting enough sunlight is essential too. While it is part of the treatment, it’s also an effective deterrent to the condition. Children should also get plenty of minerals and vitamins. Besides vitamin D, calcium is needed.

There are many health supplements available. Consult the doctor to get the right one. A nutritionist should be able to prescribe the right supplements. Exercise also helps fortify the bones. Living a sedentary lifestyle affects the bones and makes one very weak physically.

A vitamin D deficiency is usually easily treated. Most of the time, a good diet is all that is needed. With enough sunlight exposure and the right foods, this ailment can be remedied without too much trouble.

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Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

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