Upper Back Pain

Commonly known as thoracic pain or middle backache, upper back pain is a pain that can be felt between the lumbar spine as well as the neck’s bottom part. The health condition can be associated with other serious diseases or medical problems. To know more about this condition, let us have a closer glance at the upper back pain symptoms and causes. In addition, it is also beneficial to know the treatments that patients can use as relief for thoracic pain. Above all, patients should have ideas about the best and most effective methods that can be used to diagnose the medical condition.

Upper Back Pain Symptoms

The symptoms of this medical condition can be similar with other pain symptoms; however, the pain is concentrated on the upper part of the back. Some of the usual symptoms of thoracic pain are dull or sharp ache in the lumbar spine as well as chronic and frequent muscle spasms at the bottom of the neck. Other symptoms include severe and stabbing pain between the spine and neck every time the patient takes a deep breath. Aside from these, a patient is advised to seek medical help if the person frequently experience tingling or shooting pain every time another individual touches the patient’s back.

Cause of Upper Back Pain

Thoracic pain can have various causes like poor posture, strenuous bending as well as degenerated core muscles. Aside from these, this health condition can also be caused by twisting of the upper part of the back and prolonged sitting. One of the most serious causes of thoracic pain is scoliosis.

Upper Back Pain Diagnosis

To determine the real cause of thoracic pain, it is important that physicians or medical experts use different effective methods. The methods can involve the use of advance medical technologies like the magnetic resonance imaging. Other methods that can be used in diagnosing the causes of the condition include x-ray and tomography. To be sure with their findings, medical doctors also review the medical history of the patient. Moreover, medical experts perform a physical examination.

Upper Back Pain Relief

To relieve thoracic pain experienced by some patients, physicians recommend oral administration of several drugs like anti-inflammatory medicines. In addition to this, patients can also try acupuncture, joint manipulation as well as massage therapy. The application of hot or ice pack in the affected area is also effective. Surgical procedures can also be performed by surgeons and medical experts to treat the underlying cause of the medical condition.

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