Underarm Pain

Underarm pain can is an acute or chronic health condition that is characterized by mild to severe pain in the left armpit or right armpit. There are various factors that affect the etiology of this condition like doing strenuous activities. To know the medicines that patients should take, it is necessary that they ask their physicians about the real cause of this health condition. In this regard, it is important to undergo medical procedures recommended or required by medical experts or health professionals to identify the underlying cause of the problem. To help individuals who experience this problem, below are the symptoms, causes and treatments for the condition.

Underarm Pain Symptoms

To identify if the health condition is acute or chronic, patients are advised to have ideas about the symptoms of the pain. The symptoms include stabbing or sharp pain in the armpit, dull or sudden pain in the underarm as well as severe ache in the armpit. Aside from these, patients can also experience tingling pain that spreads or runs through the back. The pain can be caused by different factors so to know the underlying cause of the condition, patients should consult with health experts.

Causes of Underarm Pain

One of the common causes of underarm pain is anxiety. Aside from anxiety, doing strenuous activities such as weight lifting can cause the condition. Other possible causes of the pain are diabetes, peripheral artery disease, peripheral neuropathy, chemical burn and heart burn. In addition to this, patients can also be suffering from peripheral nerve trauma, peripheral nerve compression, brachial plexus injury and cold.

Underarm Pain Diagnosis

To diagnose the real cause of the pain, physicians can perform different procedures like x-rays. Additionally, health experts can interview patients about previous illnesses and surgical procedures. Moreover, health professionals also perform thorough physical examination to detect the pain. In severe or chronic cases, patients can be asked by their physicians to undergo magnetic resonance imaging.

Underarm Pain Relief

To relieve the pain, patients can apply cold or hot packs on the affected area. Patients who do not have allergies to medicines can take antacids and ibuprofen to ease the ache. If the pain is caused by the formation of tumors or cysts, patients are recommended to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy. If they are unwilling to undergo the therapies, physicians can also recommend them to undergo surgical procedures to remove benign cysts or tumors that can cause severe pain in the armpit.

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