Remedies for Bladder Infection

A bladder infection is normally not an extremely serious condition. However it may be irritating to deal with such an infection because of the inconvenience of having to use the bathroom more frequently. A bladder infection may be caused by bacteria from skin near the vagina or the rectum that enters the urethra subsequently infecting the bladder or by holding the urine for a prolonged period of time. It is especially common in women mostly because of their shorter urinary tracts. Symptoms of bladder infections include needing to urinate more frequently with accompanying pain that may be described as a sharp, burning pain when passing urine. It may progress into a more serious condition if the bacteria moves beyond the bladder into the kidneys, in this instance an individual may experience fever and chills, back pain, nausea and vomiting. If you have these symptoms after having a typical bladder infection it is important to consult your doctor and get the appropriate treatment. In most cases a bladder infection is treated with antibiotics, however if you are prone to having many bouts of bladder infections it is perhaps best to seek natural home remedies in the initial stages to reduce the frequency of antibiotic usage. Taking antibiotics too often may result in antibiotic resistance. There are a few thing you can do to treat and help prevent bladder infections. However if you do not see any visible improvement within a few days or you are pregnant consult a doctor.


  • Many individuals believe that drinking less fluids will reduce the frequent need to use the bathroom hence they avoid drinking altogether. However you will be doing more harm than good. By reducing the amount of fluid you will inadvertently increase the bacteria population. Bacteria multiply rapidly once in suitable conditions. Hence by drinking more fluids you will help flush out the bacteria within the urinary tract and bladder. Drinking more fluids especially water will also lessen the odds that you will contract a bladder infection. It will keep your urinary tract clear and free from bacteria.
  • Take aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • If you are female, to avoid getting a bladder infection wipe from front to back, urinate before and after sexual intercourse, use pads instead of tampons and avoid using a diaphragm which has been shown to increase the risk of urinary tract infection.
  • You may take a 1000mg dose of vitamin C. However while this amount is not toxic it is suggested that you first get the approval of your doctor especially if you are suffering from any other medical conditions.
  • It has been found that cranberry juice has some beneficial properties that may help decrease the bacteria found in the urinary track. Aside from being a fluid that will help flush out bacteria cranberry juice also has hippuric acid which will acidify the urine and make it more difficult for bacteria to stick to the walls of the urinary tract. When drinking cranberry juice for this purpose ensure that it is 100% cranberry juice and not simply made from concentrate.

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