Peyronie’s Disease


This is a disease that affects the male’s genital organ: the penis, as it often causes deformity of the penis and erections are often very painful.

This disease is the development of abnormal scar tissue and /or plaques on the tissues on the penis. The discomfort that is associated with this disease may prevent a man from engaging in sexual intercourse, which can result in stress and anxiety.

Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

Deformed Penis

Once the penis becomes erected, its features may come off as being deformed. Its deformed look may fall under these descriptions:

  • Penis may bend or curve upwards, which is said to be the most common deformity.
  • Penis may curve down to one side
  • Penis tends to have an “hourglass” appearance about it.
  • Penis might seem as if it is erect but instead it is bent sharply downwards at the base.


The pain associated with this disease may occur in three situations:

  • Once the penis is erected
  • Only during an orgasm.
  • Once the penis is touched, and there is no erection.

For the first six (6) to eighteen (18) months pain may be experienced during an erection.

Scar tissue under the skin

The scar tissues associated with the identification of this disease, is normally felt on the penis under skin. It should feel like flat lumps or a like a band of hard tissue.

Erectile Dysfunction

Penis Shortening

Causes of Peyronie’s Disease

The cause of Peyronie’s Disease is unknown, but it is “generally considered the result of an unhealed wound. This wound can come about as a result of a sports injury or accident.

How exactly what does a wound healing properly or improperly have to do with this disease? Well with this disease, if the penis is unable to get a normal wound-healing process, then the will be a permanent tissue scar. This permanent scar therefore leaves the elastic tissue (tunica albuginea) inflexible and unable to stretch during the erection. As a result the penis bends or comes off as disfigured.

Treatment of Peyroni’s Disease

Penile Injections

If this is the administered treatment for you, there is a possibility of you receiving multiple injections over several months. Local Anesthesia with also be administered to prevent the discomfort of experiencing pain.

Penile Injections may come in the following form of drugs:

  • Verapamil
  • Interferon
  • Collagenase


Depending on the severity of the disease, surgery might be the recommended treatment. In order to go ahead with the surgery, the condition has to be first stabilized.

Types of Surgical Methods used

  • Shortening the unaffected side.
  • Lengthening the affected side.
  • Penile Implants.

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