Pain Under Your Left Rib Cage

The pain you experience could be traced back to a number of possible health conditions. The proceeding information may help determine the cause.

Causes of Pain under Left Rib Cage

One of the possible causes of severe pain is a spasm of the spleen. Some experience a chronic ache while others report intermittent hurt. If the pain is sharp, it could be due to problems related to the colon.

An enlarged spleen may also be the reason for the throbbing. If the spleen is infected, there could be some soreness. Problems with the colon could range from splenic flexure of the colon to cancer.

Another possible cause is inflammation of the cartilage. This will be around the breastbone. Other sources of dull or stabbing pain could be osteoporosis, pleurisy or even nerve damage. A fractured rib can also be responsible for the discomfort felt.

Pain under Left Rib Cage Symptoms

The symptoms will depend on what’s causing the ailment. If you just bumped it, the pain will be severe but eventually subside. A sudden twisting movement might cause a brief but intense pain. An inflamed cartilage will cause the pain to spread to the arms. This is very similar to heart attack symptoms that it’s sometimes mistaken for one.

Pregnant women will also feel pain. This is usually in the lower breast area and near the rib cage. This is normal, but sometimes pain relievers are given to lessen it. People with weak respiratory systems may feel a dull pain in the area when coughing. This can also happen when one has sinusitis.

Pain under Left Rib Cage Diagnosis

If you have sinusitis or pneumonia, that could be the reason for the pain. Bronchitis can cause weariness and aches in the joints and abdomen. If it’s a fracture, an X-ray will be conducted. This determines the severity of the injury. If the pain is chronic (i.e., 3 months or more) an MRI is needed. A CT scan might also be required.

It’s not always the case, but long term pain in the abdomen could be indicative of cancer or tumors. Nerve damage is also possible. A blood chemistry exam would then be conducted. This will determine if an infection has occurred. Further tests might include a colon examination.

Pain under Left Rib Cage Relief

If you have a fracture, the doctor will give you some pain relievers to handle the constant hurting. Also you need to rest. If it’s due to splenic fixure, medication will be given. Colon cancer and tumors means getting specialized drugs. If it’s just bruised, you can apply an ice pack around it.

Changing your diet may help, especially if the pain is caused by
gas. Eat a more balanced meal. By this it means adding vegetables and fruits. Stopping smoking is also recommended. In general, cutting down on fatty foods is a good idea.

If you feel some pain under left rib cage, analyze the symptoms first. It might not be that serious. By knowing the facts, you’ll be in better position to avail of the cure.

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