Pain Below Your Left Breast

Pain below left breast is a common condition experienced by patients who frequently or regularly do strenuous activities. Aside from these activities, there are other factors that contribute to the etiology of this health condition. In order to identify if the condition is acute or chronic, patients should have ideas about its causes and symptoms. In addition, it is also important for patients to consult with their physicians or medical doctors at the onset of the symptoms. With the proper diagnosis of the condition, patients can take proper medications or they can undergo medical processes that are helpful in treating their condition.

Pain Below Left Breast Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of this condition include stabbing and sudden pain below the left breast that spreads to the back, mild and dull pain above the left rib cage and shooting pain near the left rib cage that spreads to the left breast every time the patients cough and move. If the symptoms are recurrent, it is best if patients seek help from medical experts so that health professionals can perform procedures that can help them identify the real cause of the pain since numerous factors affect the occurrence of this health condition.

Causes of Pain Below Left Breast

One of the minor factors that contribute to the development of this condition is stomach ulcer. If the pain spreads to the back, then the cause of the pain can be a pulled muscle below left breast or above the left rib cage. However, if the pain worsens whenever the patient moves or coughs, then it is important to see a doctor because it can be caused by serious diseases like pleurisy and pneumonia. Besides pneumonia and pleurisy, the pain can also be caused by fibromyalgia.

Pain Below Left Breast Diagnosis

The first step in identifying the real cause of this condition is to perform a physical examination of the patient. To have ideas about the probable cause of the condition, the physician in-charge reviews the medical history of the patient. By doing this, the health professional can know the diseases and medical procedures performed on the patient that affected the occurrence of the pain. To improve the understanding of the physician on the cause of the pain, some medical procedures can be performed like x-ray.

Pain Below Left Breast Relief

If the symptoms are mild, then patients can take antacids. However, if the symptoms continue for several days, physicians can give antibiotics and other medicines that can help ease the pain experience by patients. For severe cases, patients are advised to undergo surgical procedures.

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