Natural Remedies for ADD

The issues regarding ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) have remained controversial. Some people believe that it is not a behavioral disorder. However, regardless of whether the symptoms associated with ADD indicate a behavioral disorder or not, there are certain holistic approaches that can be taken to address them.

Natural Remedies for ADD

The following list includes some simple methods that can be employed to combat ADD.

  • diet: Those experiencing symptoms of ADD, or who have been diagnosed with the disorder, should pay very close attention to their lifestyle choices, especially their diet and nutrition intake. Their diet should be supplemented with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty or amino acids. There should be little to no intake of sugary, junk foods which contain high levels of refined sugar, artificial colours, MSG, yeast and preservatives.
    Phosphate additives may be responsible for hyperkinesis which is characterised by exaggerated muscle activity. Thus, carbonated drinks, like soda, should be avoided as they are loaded with phosphates. High levels of phosphorus and very low calcium and magnesium levels can indicate a potential for hyperactivity and seizures. Meat and fat are very high in phosphorus and so the intake of both should be minimal. The perfect diet for a victim of ADD symptoms is one that is rich in protein, iron, vitamins, especially B group vitamins and minerals. The diet should be free of simple sugars, phosphates and excess fats. In other words, ADD patients have to avoid the consumption of simple carbohydrates such as candy, sugar, corn syrup, honey and so on. Instead, their diet should include more complex carbohydrates such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, it is beneficial to have a diet that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna and other cold water white fish.
  • managing stress: Studies and research have showed that one of the natural remedies to tackle ADD includes learning to handle stress. A conscious effort to relax is said to help in reducing restlessness and hyperactivity. People with ADD become more focused and less fidgety when they channelize their attention to some activity that motivates them to calm down and relax. These could be anything from listening to music, playing a musical instrument to yoga and meditation.
  • listol: Unlike Ritalin, the popular drug prescribed for ADD and ADHD, listol is an all natural supplement designed to work with the body against ADD. Listol replenishes nutrients that, if lacking, will cause the symptoms of ADD. The natural ingredients contained in Listol includes vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, GABA powder, glycine, huperzine A extract, di-methyl glycine and phosphatidylserine. These ingredients have been found to help in alleviating the effects of ADD.
  • avoiding certain foods: It has been noticed that ADD maybe related to the consumption of certain allergic foods such as food products that use food dyes in the colors of red, blue and yellow. Cow’s milk, peanuts, tomatoes and citrus food have also found to be among the common allergens.

ADD is a problem that can be tackled by making the above mentioned lifestyle changes. Apart from having a well-balanced diet, it is also important to have a regular exercise routine to combat the effects of ADD. It is also important to have quality nutrition during the time of pregnancy and in the first years of the child’s life. This is also said to aid in preventing ADD. Elimination of processed foods, artificial flavors, preservatives and sugars will assist in reducing the effect of hyperactivity, which is one of the afflictions of ADD.

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