Lower Left Abdominal Pain

A health condition characterized by mild to severe aching felt between the left part of the umbilicus to the left part of the waist line, lower left abdominal pain can be caused by gynecological problems as well as digestive disorders or infections. This health condition can be acute or chronic, so it is essential that patients seek medical advice if they feel any of the symptoms. To determine the real cause of the pain, physicians do several diagnostic tests and examinations on patients. Finally, to prevent the recurrence of any of the symptoms, patients are recommended to undergo treatments.

Lower Left Abdominal Pain Symptoms

Recurrent and severe aching in the lower left part of the abdomen can indicate the development of serious illnesses so patients should know the symptoms that require them to seek assistance from medical experts. Individuals who suffer from stabbing and sharp pain in the lower part of the left kidney are recommended to consult physicians since it can be a sign of a life threatening disorder. Another symptom that should be taken seriously is a shooting pain accompanied with frequent vomiting and tingling sensation when urinating. Above all, patients should immediately ask help from health professionals if they feel dull pain in the lower left part of their belly every time they move or cough.

Causes of Lower Left Abdominal Pain

Increasing and recurrent pain in the lower left part of the abdomen can be associated with the etiology of other illnesses and disorders. Some serious diseases that can cause the occurrence of this condition are diverticulus, appendicitis as well as gastroenteritis. In addition to these, the pain can also be associated with irritable bowel syndrome, bladder infection and endometriosis. Sudden and severe pain is an indication that there is a great need for a patient to be diagnosed by a physician.

Lower Left Abdominal Pain Diagnosis

The underlying cause of the pain can be diagnosed through the use of effective and advance medical examination techniques. Conducting blood tests are among the common method used by experts to detect the cause of the condition. Aside from these, physicians can also request for x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging as well as computed tomography.

Lower Left Abdominal Pain Relief

In terms of treatments, patients can intake pain relievers like ibuprofen but be sure that their physicians prescribe or recommend the drugs to ensure their safety. Other first aid pain relievers include the application of hot pack on the lower part of the abdomen and massage therapy. However, in severe or chronic cases, patients are advised to undergo some surgical procedures.

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