Lower Back Pain

Also referred to by medical experts as lumbago, low back pain is a health condition that is commonly associated with musculoskeletal illnesses. The health condition can be chronic or acute in medical presentation. To make sure that the pain is not associated with any serious condition that needs immediate medical assistance, it is important to know the various causes of lower back pain. Additionally, it is also essential to identify the different lower back pain symptoms as well as the efficient methods that can be used for lower back pain diagnosis. To treat this condition, it is important to know some of the effective and safe lower back pain relief methods.

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

To avoid experiencing further problems associated with this health condition, it is necessary to know the most common symptoms of lower backache. The intensity of the pain can range from experiencing tingling sensation to stabbing ache. Some of the symptoms include dull and severe pain in the lower part of the back. Another alarming symptom is the persistent or frequent severe lower backache. When a patient experiences chronic and shooting ache in the back, it is important to seek immediate help from physicians.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

This medical condition can be caused by different factors like strenuous exercises, oxygen deprivation as well as depression. Lower backache can also be caused by inflammatory conditions such as seronegative spondylarthritides and rheumatoid arthritis. Aside from these, the pain can be associated with fractures, restricted hip motion, leg length difference, spinal stenosis, osteomalacia, ochronosis as well as tension myositis syndrome. Other serious diseases that can cause this medical condition include prostate cancer, intradural spinal tumors, bone tumors, degenerative discs, Paget’s disease and congenital abnormalities.

Lower Back Pain Diagnosis

There are different efficient methods that physicians can use to determine the underlying causes of this medical condition. Some of the most popular methods that health professionals use are x-ray and magnetic resonance imaging. Before doing the tests, physicians also perform extensive physical examination. They also evaluate the medical history of the patient.

Lower Back Pain Relief

When it comes to relief or treatment, patients can drink analgesics like acetaminophen. Physicians also recommend muscle relaxants and regular physical exercise for acute backache. For chronic cases, patients can try the prolotherapy, acupuncture and behavior therapy. Other treatments that can help them relieve the pain include the use of an ergonomic chair, arch support, massage therapy as well as heat or ice application. Above all, surgical procedures like spinal disc replacement can also be used to treat the condition.

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