Age Dementia Symptoms

Age dementia is a medical term used by health professionals to refer to a progressive brain disease that is caused by aging. This illness is serious because it can affect the daily activities of patients. By knowing the different age dementia symptoms, patients can consult with their physicians regarding the effective and safe treatments that they can take to delay the progression of the disease. To determine the proper and effective treatments for the disease, physicians should perform various sophisticated and advance medical procedures. To improve the life quality of patients, it is important to know the minor as well as the major age dementia symptoms.

Age Dementia Signs

This degenerative brain disease is characterized by memory loss such as failure to remember recent activities and events as well as failure to recall names and places. Another early symptom of this illness is the failure of patients to remember where they place their things like keys, wristwatches and glasses. In addition to this, patients suffering from this illness are unable to calculate and reason. Moreover, they experience problems with writing and reading.

The major symptoms of the disease include disorientation, inappropriate behavior, sleep disorder as well as lack of motivation. Aside from these, patients are unable to do simple tasks and activities such as getting a cup of coffee as well as taking a bath.

Age Dementia Diagnosis

The diagnosis of age dementia is very easy since there are available advance medical technologies that health experts can use to identify the stage or severity of the illness. In some countries, physicians commonly use the Modified Mini-Mental State examination to assess if their patients are suffering from this disease. Other diagnostic procedures that medical professionals can use to examine the severity of the health condition are laboratory tests, which include urine and blood tests. Aside from these, patients are recommended to undergo MRI scan or CT scan.

Age Dementia Treatment

Actually, there are no available treatments for this illness but patients can take some medications to delay the progression of age dementia. To prevent the development of complications, patients can take antipsychotic drugs such as risperidone as well as Haloperidol. In addition to these medicines, patients can also try anxiolytic drugs like selegiline to avoid experiencing anxiety. To prevent the etiology of Alzheimer’s disease, which is commonly associated with age dementia, patients are commonly recommended by health professionals to take medications with amyloid deposit inhibitors such as Minocycline and antibiotics.

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