8 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

9. A Well Balanced Diet Is Good For Your HairPhoto by Renee Bertrand

6. You Substituted Foods You Love With Foods You Hate

Did you know that steak, bologna, and tuna have little to no carbohydrates at all? While all three can be dangerous to your cholesterol, they can also be helpful to your diet in small doses. Too many people start diets by giving up the foods they love and replacing them with foods they hate. Nothing insures the failure of your diet more than forcing yourself to eat foods you hate.

Instead of eating foods you do not like, do some research and replace foods you can no longer eat with foods that you like. If you make your diet a reason to suffer, then you will never be able to stick with it and lose weight. Find foods that fit in your diet, and that you like, and you will see the pounds start falling off.

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