8 Good Things about Breast Implants

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1. Breast implants can help with self-esteem issues and related psychological problems

Damaged self-esteem can harm many other things in a woman’s life. If not addressed, self-esteem issues can lead to other problems. In many cases, breast implants have been proven helpful to women’s self-esteem. We are not talking about women who go around wearing next to nothing and showing off their new breasts. This is about how a woman feels knowing that she actually has breasts and that has nothing to do with showing them to others. There are many women who don’t even wear tight clothes and do not really show off their breasts, but they feel much more confident because they have them. It changes their attitude towards many things in life: they are more confident – wherever or with whomever they are – out in the street, at work, and at home. None of this denies a person’s inner beauty. It certainly counts and we are not advocating superficiality. You will not be smarter or better if you have bigger breasts, but some women mat be happier and that certainly affects everything they do and everyone with whom they spend time.

*If a woman has serious mental issues, the right thing to do is to see a therapist, not a plastic surgeon. Breast implants can help with some issues, but not all of them – and sometimes, even if they help, that does not mean they are sufficient to resolve a problem completely. Implants can’t replace psychotherapy.

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